Postcodes are an essential part of London. When asked where something is Londoners won't just tell you the street or borough,
they'll also give you the first part of the postcode. Where New Yorkers would give a street junction and Parisians use the arrondissements,
Londoners use the postcode.

Based on this idea I created a range of tote-bags, each baring its own postcode and borough name.
The range covers every
London postcode and borough and beyond. Giving people the opportunity to express their local pride and where their roots
are based in this giant metropole. For visitors it will be an 'in-crowd' gift to connect with the part of town they stayed or particularly liked.

The bags are made of heavy 8oz cotton.
The bags are printed by Ding Studio in the UK.
They measure 37x42cm, have long handles and a base gussit. 
2 colour print on one side.

The bags are available in white and black.



Ding Studio Ltd. London